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Doula Services Beaufort SC

Wonderfully Made Birthing Services helps Empower, Support and Care for birthing women in Beaufort, SC and surrounding areas.

For many years I have loved helping new mamas love their babies with natural care and support.  In 2014 I felt that there was a place for me to continue to reach and help mamas while helping take care of my own family, and Wonderfully Made Birthing Services was born.

After having 4, very different yet always medical intervention pushed,  hospital births I started researching how it would be possible to just birth and live the way God intended.  Through this journey I have found that birth does not need to be feared, but embraced and enjoyed!  I want to give every woman the chance to be Empowered to have the birth she wants, Supported through the birth she wants (even when others criticize) and Cared for through her birth the way she wants.

I am not just a Doula, I am a mama, I have been there, I have been scared to project my voice, scared I could not do what I needed to birth my baby.  Now after 7 babies I can tell you it can be done and it can be done with only remembering the Blessing God has given you being in your arms!

I specialize in Home Births, but also attend hospital births at Beaufort Memorial Hospital, Coastal Carolina Hospital and birthing center births at Savannah Midwife Group.  I will also travel to other places, please contact me to find out if your location is some where I can travel too and the costs of travel.

I also have other services:

leaf Herbal teas, sprays, and salves

leaf Pregnancy/Childbirth Education

leaf Breastfeeding Coach

leaf Bengkung Belly Binding

leaf Cloth Diapering Consulting

leaf Baby Wearing Consulting

leaf Natural Living Consulting

leaf Antepartum, Postpartum, Sibling Doula





Wonderfully Made Birthing Services is located in Beaufort, SC and owned by Megan Shytle.

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